Densifique Densifique Homme 30x6ml

Hair density treatment.

(30x6 ml)

Densifique Densifique Homme 30x6ml by Kerastase


  • In 1 month: More thickness, more mass
  • In 3 months: 1000 new hairs*, x5 stronger, 3x more resilient and fuller
  • Hair appears visibly thicker
  • Hair texture is stronger, more resilient
  • More mass and thickness
  • Hair density is maintained over time


Apply 1 vial every day for a period of 3 months, morning or evening, to dry or towel-dried hair. Fast-drying formula. 1. Open the tube 2. Press the applicator of the tube to apply the treatment to the scalp. 3. Create partings and apply in the usual styling direction. 4. Massage the scalp with your fingertips to distribute the treatment and spread along the lengths.




Key Ingredients

  • Stemoxydine®: Mimics stem cells optimal environment that allows their interaction and awakens dormant follicles.
  • Complex Glycan: Restores thicker looking hair.
  • Vitamins B3, B5 & B6: Boost follicular activity.
  • Texturizing Polymer: Has an instant densifying action on hair fiber.


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